Current Exhibits

Learn the essential role of military chaplains in the lives of service members and their families. Throughout American history, military chaplains have faced the challenges of war with a commitment to service. Each major exhibit in the museum supports this theme:

Introducing the Chaplaincy

A History of Service

Learn how the role of the U.S. military chaplain has evolved over the course of American history and the role chaplains have played in times of war.

Shiloh Chapel

Religion and the Bible in Times of War

See how the Bible was historically used by individuals to both support and oppose war. This exhibit features personal Bibles, sermons, and tracts to demonstrate the role of religion in understanding war.

Partners in Service

Service Organizations Partnering with Chaplains

Learn about the many service organizations that have worked alongside military chaplains to meet the religious needs among active military. Featuring the:

  • United States Christian Commission in the Civil War
  • Red Cross in the 20th century

Service to the Suffering

Chaplains’ Ministry in the Hospitals and Prison Camps

Explore the selfless service of chaplains who have ministered to prisoners of war as well as the wounded and dying in military hospitals.

Diversity in Service

Unifying with a Common Purpose

Discover the various backgrounds (religious, ethnic, and gender) military chaplains represent, and learn more about the diverse methods and means they used to minister more effectively to the service members in their care.

Service on the Battlefield

Chaplains in the Midst of Battle

Learn about the many ways military chaplains have risked and sacrificed their lives to serve soldiers on the battlefield.

Service on the Homefront

Chaplains’ Ministry to the Families of Service Members

Discover how chaplains served fallen soldiers and their families, including conducting memorial services, care of remains, and support through the mourning process. Visitors step into Miss Melanie’s parlor to see how 19th-century mourners navigated loss.

Chaplains in the Service of the Gospel

Evangelism in the Military

See how Christian chaplains delivered the Gospel message to service members. This exhibit includes Bibles, hymnbooks, and Gospel tracts to tell the stories of mass revivals and personal conversions in the military from the 19th century to the present.